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Cavern Status: Open for exploration! - Sign up to play at!
Developer Message: Welcome to Myst Online: Uru Live! The current donation level is at CAVCON 2.3.
Minkata Shard Status: Open for exploration! - Sign up for testing at!
Server Message: Welcome to the OpenUru Minkata Shard, running on MOSS! Current build: #88 12/2015

Note that the Foundry, where you sign up to play, uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect transactions. You should install the self-signed security certificate in your browser and repository clients before using the Foundry. Details are provided on the Foundry Certificate Installation page

You will need to install Cyan Worlds' Myst Online: Uru Live again (MOULa) client and just run the installer once before installing Minkata. See Cyan Worlds' MOULa Play Page if you have not already installed MOULa. You do not need a MOULa account. Minkata Testing Shard

The Minkata Shard is a MOSS/CWE shard that is used to test fan code changes that have been submitted for inclusion in the official Cyan MOULagain shard. In future, it may also be used for testing fan ages and other content.
  • Create Account - Signup for an account to play and test on the Minkata Test Shard.
  • Reset Password - Lost your password or want to change it?
  • Download - Already have an account and just need to download the client?
  • Support - A simple help desk to report problems (experienced users can use Foundry's JIRA Tracking)
  • Minkata Forum - The Minkata Test Shard forum
  • Tester's Guide - Minkata Shard Tester's Guide (in layman's terms)
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